Friday, 20 November 2015

Nalladhoru kudumbam.. Palgalai kazhagam

This time for a change I have taken a Tamil heading cause nothing else can describe the below story better(Sarcasm intended), We Indians are proud about our family traditions and values and are known to keep family as priority but now( now meaning past 3 months ) there is someone in this country who is breaking these values and traditions. Yes, the Sheena Bora case, the case that made us think is this happening in India? According to me this is one of the worst cases ever that our country has witnessed. So, coming back to the topic, the meaning of the heading goes like " A good family is like a university " so is this family like a university? Yes, it is like a university and the name of the university should be " How to get away with murder". Though many news channels have said to brought light to this story the person who actually put the disco lights on this is Shyam rai , driver of Mrs Indrani Mukerjea, was arrested in an unrelated case of possession of illegal arms in August. Three years after the crime was committed! Brutal murder of an innocent soul who was in love.

There is a jovial way of saying that this murder was committed and trust me it can be used as a riddle, puzzle, tongue twister Etc. I know it will be tough but please try to follow " A 2nd wife of her 3rd husband is charged along with her 2nd husband of killing her daughter from her 1st husband who was having an affair with her 3rd husband's son from his 1st wife" (Phew!) Now just think about this in terms of a family tree! Yeah, i know, unimaginable !! Now, I know this is a 3 months old case and Indians (most of us) know about this case so, no point in kindling over how it happened or how could she kill her own daughter, these questions have become boring rather you won't get any answer for this! So, why am i bringing this now? The case has questions but no one has a single clue about the answers! We all look towards the media for answers who are only doing what they are best at... speculation! So, here in this post I'm trying to give an answer from a public point of view or in other words my version of speculating things. My background for this is very poor, i'm no criminologist nor have I studied law but I have seen 'n' number of Hollywood movies, read a few crime books and have seen loads of mystery tv shows ( Except CID that comes on Sony). There are a few questions but since most of them have been answered, I will take the three most important questions when you look into a murder which are still not answered

Q1. When and where was the victim murdered ? Is there any witnesses ? Forensic reports from crime scene?
Firstly, The victim (Sheena) had disappeared since April 24th, 2012, There was no missing person report, since the so called mom was the killer there is no doubt why it was not filed. Murder actually took place in Mumbai and then taken to raigad or kidnapped in Mumbai and murdered at raigad, By the looks of it the rented car is the crime scene and not the place where the remains was found. The part that makes this case worse is that there are no witnesses. The remains found in raigad was that of Sheena's but there is no other DNA there at the woods and also the body was burnt.

Q2. What is the motive? Why would anyone want her dead?
Behind every murder there is a motive, If a human had to kill someone then there has to be a motive, even a psychopathic killer has a motive or a reason, here one doesn't know who has a greater motive or is the motive still under wraps, as far as I see everyone has a motive except for the driver, he definitely is an accessory for this murder. The three main people who have motives are Indrani , Sanjeev and Peter! Indrani, cause everything about sheena and indrani was a lie let it be calling her sister or keeping sheena from her actual life, Sanjeev does not have any clear motive as he is no way related to sheena or rahul , but there is an allegation of financial aid to sanjeev from indrani, money is the biggest motive when it comes to a murder, maybe he was not the killer but an accessory like the driver, Peter had definite motive, he being the Media Tycoon and this incestuous revelation if got out would have spoilt his name along with his dignity making him also the suspect.

Q3. How many suspects and which motive looks nastier ?
 Keeping the driver only as an accessory there are 3 suspects and all three could be guilty, the person who was not in the scene was Peter(According to the Driver and the phone calls made ), but he was in constant touch indrani which rules out the possibility that he didn't know about the murder. He definitely knew and Indrani was in this from the beginning , keeping the financial angle and Sanjeev being in constant touch with Indrani and his flying records on the day of the disappearance he was in the scene... There are three equally nasty suspects, so who is the killer? This is where the speculations happen, so from a public point of view, Sheena was getting out of hand with this incestuous relation with rahul which angered Peter and Indrani meanwhile Indrani talks to peter about how Sanjeev is in need of money. Peter and Indrani together plan or peter had seeded this idea in Indrani of killing her own daughter and she had no other option but to take the help of Sanjeev in return of financial aid to kill Sheena with the help of her driver shyam rai.

In whichever angle I see both Indrani and peter are guilty and most likely to be the killers. As speculations keep coming from all angles let's see what the CBI finds out and hope it does not  make it to be another Aarushi talwar case!!

Let the truth prevail!

Friday, 9 October 2015

What the B**F !

It's been a month again, time just flies i guess! So, this time i'm going to talk about something that is In the News which is very contradicting to the above page name of mine that says "In other news". Well, i can't help it cause it is a very attractive and edible topic (oops).. sorry, it is something which  should not be eaten or spoken about. The new generation of kids have an alternative for the "F" word, Its called the B word, no more "F.u.c.k" its too mainstream, people have got bored of it and use it everywhere but thanks to the BJP and other sub parties of the their's who i call as the Indian "Blondes". gave them the B**F. Kudos, people! College kids love the new one, they have the same way of expressing it, for example : What the B**f , B**f  this shit.. etc.. IF  b**f was the name of a person then he is the Voldermort in the Indian version of Harry potter, the one who shall not be named :D I had so many jokes running in my head when they said they are planning to ban b**f  but later when the news came out about a poor man's death cause some blondes, they thought he had something to do with cooking/eating/or anything to do with b**f. The first question that hit my mind is, killing a human being is okay but killing an animal is bad? Man, these guys really need education! Mr PM ji, please stop beti padao campaign and start "sabko padao" campaign! I'm Okay, if you're against killing animals on a whole i am totally with you ( though i won't be doing it wholeheartedly ) cause there is a point and does make sense but i'm not okay with people who say ban only b**f cause it is sacred! Dude, what did the other animals do if  a million"Man-made" gods didn't pick them! It's not their fault that our ancestors didn't think they are worthy to be the gods pet, maybe they thought we wouldn't be so dumb!

So, why do i call them blondes, Firstly, B**f does not necessarily mean cow , even buffalo meat is called b**f . Second, They want it to be banned nation-wide (Ha-ha) Have you ever heard of this state Kerala? well, if not, they had protested against the ban , No, no they did not do it by starving or shouting angry slogans against the government, we mallus ( I'm a mallu too) have a style, these guys sat on the road, cooked all kinds of cuisines with b**f and ( yes, you're thinking right) ate it all! WOW, I mean wow!! Learn something Delhi CM this is the swag way to protest! If they say don't do it you protest by doing the same! now why i spoke about kerala is cause only a state can ban b**f, if it wants but you can't put a ban for the whole India ( Phew)! last but the most important point of all is that these guys who want it banned is cause the cow is a sacred animal not cause of love they have towards animals in general, well this is the most stupidest thing I've ever heard! You can hit the cow when it doesn't give milk, make the cow carry tonnes of stuff not give it proper food but if we eat them it is a big issue, what crosses my mind is that animal cruelty is okay but killing is bad, i think these animals would love to die rather get beaten up and used for unwanted stuff! It is like the CIA's treatment to muslims after 9/11 , won't kill them but torture them for the mistake someone else had committed.

I'm sure people would not have any idea about the income that this b**f is giving this country, it is said that India gains at least 4 Billion US dollars by exporting b**f that is twice the GDP of Bhutan. Leaving this, the most important thing is that how can some random people decide what a person should be eating in his everyday life, we all celebrate our country as the world's largest democracy but in reality we are not. Today, they say b**f is bad tomorrow they will  say even rice is bad and in a few years down the line they will say Ganges has water and so we should not drink water as ganges is holy, i know how stupid that sounds but  there will be no end to this policing job, People in this country need real jobs for that Mr PM is striving hard and getting countries and investors to swarm in our country, real good stuff the external policies have been praised on a daily basis and questions about his travel has gone down drastically but the internal problems is going down the drain, this hindutva politics has to be stopped and must be imminent! I'm sure he would do it but the sooner the better! Cause a person who is working hard and earning money has his right to eat what he likes and what he wants, If YOU don't want it then YOU don't eat it don't say everyone else should not eat it, if you ask why, My question is , Who the B**f are you?!

Fun facts : India is the Worlds largest exporter of b**f and the 7th largest consumer of b**f!

PS: I've used "*" for the word BEEF cause i wanted to show how a simple word has been creating so many issues in these days not like i was afraid or something :D

( I'm so dead! )


Sunday, 6 September 2015

Jasleen and Saravjeet sitting on a tree..... FIGHTING!

India on a whole is been educated by this new term or word called Sexism, every nook and corner is talking about it and its good but its good if people know the right meaning. 

Firstly, What does sexism mean? Sexism means,  discrimination against people because of their sex: anything unfair to males or females, because they're males or females, is an example of sexism. Sexism is one of those things that has always existed, and probably always will exist, but does seem to get a little better with timeThank you, google for the definition. 
  1. The above definition is worldly accepted, other than the new Indian gen-x. The Indian meaning :- Sexism means : discrimination against women caused by men. Yeah, apparently all Indian men are perverted(LOOOOOOOL) Ladies, your father, brother, uncle, grand father are all MEN. Now this is the preconceived thought for all women in this country after this girl Jasleen kaur has taken a stand for fighting against "perverted" men like Saravjeet. She took her fight and gathered a million support from  Half billion Indians , no no .. not in Jantar mantar, that is aways pre-booked by Mr Anna Hazare ( No offense ) She took the fight on the biggest platform... where all people do,  is talk about their everyday life and stalk others everyday life.. Facebook! Yes, she took it to a whole new level of fighting.. Facebook fighting. She took a photo of that poor chap who like any guy would think (" A chic is taking my picture, let me pose") did some good posing with his babe (Royal Enfield 350cc ). Little he knew that he and his babe would be this famous today rather defamed. He was projected like a creepy Punjabi munda. But then came Times Now, they are like this is too polite for news material let's call him with an adjective and what better adjective than calling an Indian man a pervert ! They took a twitter hastag called "shame this pervert". What is that drug you do, Arnab?Later Did a spoof of "walk the talk" with Saravjeet and posed questions like how our parents do when we come home late at night ! Poor guy, I feel for you, braw! He almost confessed to the mistake that he did not commit. He tried reaching out in Facebook and try explaining his stand but who would listen to a man playing a victim card? Women as a victim is hands down a winner! Facebook literally spat at him! Thankfully, unlike majority of the Delhi boys, Delhi cops did have the brains to talk to the eye-witnesses at the scene and the witness ROFL-ed for few minutes and said dude, the chic is lying and the dude is innocent. 

    Then boys went mad from making voice against him to saying that this is what happens to guys in this country... the girl, Jasleen had still got the guts to call the eye witness as haters! So, what happened actually? Jasleen is an AAP volunteer and was volunteering the Delhi traffic signals and giving "Gyan" to people about traffic do's and dont's and this dude unfortunately was at the same signal trying to cut the signal and they had their differences which became ugly and now is portrayed as the leader of perverts. As far as i see the only mistake he did was planning to cut the signal which later made him viral! The case is not turning anywhere but the guy got a lot of response and people are supporting him. The issue is not this, this guy got saved but how many more guys are going to get victimized because of these girls. yes, girls do face a lot of issues because of guys but doesn't mean you play the victim card just to take revenge.. What if tomorrow a girl does the same to a guy who did not take her out for a movie? or get her a chappal of her choice? and what if this happens when there are no witnesses the guy is going to get raped literally.

    Dear Women of this country, please don't generalize men! Everyone is not a pervert! I believe there is no one born good or bad its the circumstances that gives them these choices. Ms. Jasleen, the situation you have caused is only putting you in a corner, next time if any one really passes vulgar comments at you, there will be no support from your CM, Arnab or even this nation. Only one who is going to face the bad times is you. I sincerely hope you good luck for your Political ambitions you have got the negative fame that is required for the role. People die for this chance and you have planned this chance. Well for  Saravjeet, the nation is routing for you. Keep your head high, I'm sure you have also learnt and thought this nation two good  things , 1.Obey the traffic rules! Look what it can lead to and 2. Never show your face to women who is clicking your picture. ( Ha-ha! )

  2. Vibhu

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Social Cancer - The Smart Disease!

Before i start writing this post, i would like to say yes,  as the title says , i'm going to take a riot on social media but like everyone else i'm an active member of all the social media applications in the world! Mind you, I'm a victim! I'm hit by these amazing diseases  called facebook-eyetis, 
WhatsApphobia, Youtuberclosis etc... These diseases are not imaginary or made-up they are definitely there but people like me who are in the final stages of it can only understand this! Sad part is, there is no doctor to take a look at this as their fancy MBBS and MD degrees cannot do us good nor there is no health insurance policy that will help your tax benefits - I mentioned tax cause this is the time of the year you have to pay (Tax)  those celebrity beggars whom we all have chosen as we do not know how else to waste money than giving it to a corrupt politician, coming back to the topic.. This is very contagious and comes with the electronic media called Smart phones( I hate Electronics), Firstly it was totally targeting the kids and mainly the teens 16-30's but later it sensed a threat called "parents" and their famous dialogue called "keep the phone and go study" being a smart-ass disease it targeted the elderly too. Now all parents, uncles ,aunties and even grandparents are hooked to the smart disease! Being well versed with the disease i would love to spread the awareness of this issue.

The causes are many like boredom, laziness, status quotient, show-off and no work. Most of it hit the youngsters and the kids.. The boredom is the primary and first stage of the disease, because of boredom it makes people to take a look at the phone and switch on the internet and see what the other bored souls in the world are doing and looking at this we feel good as there are millions of them bored at any point of time! Now this is bad , cause either people are not having something to do or they are not willing to do the things they have to do both ways are not good! keeping yourself engaged is the only way to save your money and time or meeting people who are not boring cause if they are boring then you'll end up taking the phone and checking your notifications.. laziness is the next stage of the disease, though it has some good use like helping people out and connecting people without meeting them but it has major cons most important being making them more lazy! Like Super Star Rajnikanth said , Rich are getting richer and poor are becoming poorer, similarly,  lazy people are becoming lazier but even active people are also becoming lazier and you know what, we should be proud that we are in the time where the world has hit the heights of laziness cause when there is an application which will help you order. deliver, move, pikcup, drop , book and do whatever the other applications can do .. basically they feel bad for you that you have to do some work like booking a cab or even order a pizza ! which is nothing but a click away!! There was a time when people were made salves and forced to do these stuff but now there are people investing money & time and are also ready to be slaves and do these stuff!! That's some crazy thing, right? by the way, the applications name is "Super Text" and it is a start-up from Bangalore, If you want the number please comment below ( I told you, I have hit the last stage of this disease).

The next stage of the disease is a serious one-  status quotient.. Yes, people feel that this disease must not be the same! In the sense the effects and causes are the same but a few people feel that they deserve a better way to get these disease, that is pay more for the phone that gives the disease, something like rich man disease! They pay more for the same disease cause they wanna have a  feel of upper caste disease and want to shine out separately , like pay 50 grand for the same disease when other people get it for 10 grand! The i-disease ( IPhone cause to buy this you must sell your kidney, at least one kidney) Discrimination in disease, ever heard? Yeah this is the one! But honestly some of them buy it for good use, like me ( and no, i did not sell my kidney but it has this effect as if i'm showing off. Trust me, its an amazing phone).The last stage of this disease that i'm suffering from is " No work, When you have absolutely no work in office or college or anywhere for that matter and you're in a city like Chennai and all your friends are in another city like Bangalore and they are all having fun and you are rotting here with nothing to do then not even god can save you ! cause you will invariably take your phone everywhere even to the toilet! social media will be like the dog in the Hutch add and it will be singing 

"You and I in this Social world; 
  Whatsapp , facebook ; 
  You and I, Watching videos on youtube ; 
  You and I in this Social world.. " 

Now all i said was how youngsters and teens get affected but how do parents and all the elder generation fall in this trap ? That is the effect of the damn curiosity and the need of this disease! Parents went from saying " Keep the phones and go study " to " did you check the video of that Thirupathi temple darshan , i shared it to you on whatsapp and on your facebook wall" The disease was invented few years back but then it became major because of this one dude in the United States of America called Mark Zuckerberg! He had an amazing tag line like Maggie, Connecting people over the globe, Now we know what is happening to maggi ! It contains lead apparently and no one knew it for 20 odd years, Its not been that long since social media hit this world but trust me its effects are equally worse! 
I won't say get rid of the disease but i will say reduce the time you get hit by the disease before it is too late keep it like a cold or cough and not like freaking sugar or diabetes and the only way to do so is engage your mind in some productive manner and in some work that keeps you busy for most of the time! Follow your hobbies that you write on your resumes unless you had copied them from someone else's resume! People forget the hobbies and passion once they are into this and feel its just a way to fill up forms or resumes and to answer people when they have been asked! Just give it a shot! Live the life that is been given to you and not creep into others life  and later don't complain about it being bad cause you ain't living it! 

Live free and live your dreams and please stop making Zuckerberg so rich! 


Thursday, 28 May 2015

Last week tonight in the News Hour!

Anyone will be intrigued reading at this title of the  post that i'm writing now. The most powerful weapon present in the Human mind called curiosity will be banging your heads asking and wanting to know what this really means " Last week tonight in the News hour" .. What could it mean ? People who follow the American Media would definitely know the Fox news , CNN etc. they are the oldies of the American news shows but for sometime now they are not watched as much as this show called " Last week Tonight with John Oliver" , this is hosted by the very famous John Oliver. The most watched American news show EVER! Ok, so where is this News Hour coming from ? This is known by most of us, the most watched and the most hated news show in India, The News Hour with Mr Arnab Goswami.. Yes, this is definitely the comparison of the Indian Media with the American Media. I'm not going to pin point ( as my dad asked me not to ) about anyone but would like to show what and how we are lacking from the media, as today media plays a very important role in our daily lives.

So, The popularity and fame of this news show called Last week Tonight is neither because of constant debates nor allowing two opposition party spokesperson to take a dig on their rival party. The formula is simple, One man takes out the most important news of that week , talks about it , sarcasm is the special ingredient and also tries to beat some sense in the viewers. When America faced the Net Neutrality problem like us, this show had caught the attention of all the people in america making them support  for the Net neutrality, which eventually got done. Not only this, many other problems faced had been spoken about and made people think! Most importantly they use media as a tool to give people the correct and the accurate piece of Information. So, the Times now viewers might think isn't this the same thing that the News Hour is giving us? No, absolutely not! Times Now as a whole has gained the popularity for the wrong reasons and indirectly achieving this amazing viewership and that should not be the case! I agree that the topics they bring in and debate about are worth talking or debating about but is that called a debate? In my dictionary that is called shouting and screaming , to all my school teachers who kept saying that the class is like fish market, Ma'am you must watch this show cause this is the ACTUAL fish market!Maximum 8 people are called to talk for an hour!! So, mathematically speaking 8 people can talk for 60 mins so a person gets to talk roughly for 8 minutes but that is mathematically speaking! Practically they get less than 4 minutes so who is gobbling the time? Yes, it is the presenter ! I can't blame him! Cause if you have been in a fish market you would know how tough it is for them to sell, the people are continuously talking not allowing the rest to buy or bargain! Even though it is a bit tough he being the Mr News should be able to handle and give time or at least allow them to talk about it and make a point or opinion. So, in this way the information that should be given to the people is not given and all that anyone can hear would be screams! Mind you, this show does not lack humor! Does not mean that Mr Goswami has the sense of humor but the way the show goes and how people are taking a dig on each other makes it funny(at least i laugh a lot) Let's leave Times Now, CNN is another news channel and i feel they are not there to give the news about things that happen in India and in the world but are there to give us the movies reviews and the celebrity parties and the award shows, the book functions and all the unwanted gala and media extravaganza ! Common, CNN IBN, you can give some news also sometimes! CNN is also the reason why people watch Times now , common at least there is some news being shown! Then there is NDTV, trust me this the best among the lot! There is more news, less gala and parties also no shouting! Now, why isn't this the most watched? Cause they lack something called presentation skills! Now revisit your school/college days, there is always this teacher who knows a lot of technical stuff and are the best at it but he/she who will never be able to catch the students attention cause they do not connect with the students.. this is exactly the NDTV! They have the stuff but they cannot connect with the people of India! We need some drama, some action ,some fun , some romance .. ok no romance i forgot we live in a country where there is RSS ( i can take a dig too, its fun! ) There are so many news channels and shows in India but i have spoken only about these three cause they are the most watched "English" News channels in India.. I'm not taking a dig. I'm not blaming them .. I'm just trying to show you that if these three unite their skills then there is Action from Times Now, fun and drama from CNN and the actual real news from NDTV.. suprising fact is that, Mr Rajdeep( ex- CNN), Mr Arnab(Times Now) and Mrs. Dutt (NDTV) were all working for Mr Prannoy Roy(NDTV) .. So, Now back to the topic , you can ask where is the comparison with the American media and that was just two lines? I cannot go gaga over it cause you should watch it to know how Mr John Oliver give the news! He talks sense, he has got the best sense of humor, he has got the news and definitely got the viewership, not only in USA but world-wide. I'm not here to say that American media is better than ours, I'm just saying that the people who cannot do anything by themselves, I mean, they need us for everything in their life and if they can do something good with one of the most powerful tool called media then we can do wonders! Common Indian Media, let's make the world look at us as the next big thing, let's make the world envy about how good we are and not like how the Slumdog Millionaire showed us to the world to get a freaking Oscar!

 Together , YES, we can! ;)

Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Curious Case of Indian Judicial System!

(Ahhh, Feels good to start writing again!! Its been a month since i wrote something new .)
 I wanted to write about two things we have witnessed in the recent past and am sure you all will be wondering why is the post about the Indian Judicial System! I liked the Judiciary system though it has not been that great with many of the decisions i always thought there was a reason behind those judgments they had passed,  but past one month i'm not able to get the actual reason of why or what is the Judicial system looking into when they have a critical cases in hand.... They have one of the best motto : " Let a thousand guilty men walk free but no innocent man must be jailed" this is really good motto but  this is not sufficing , the thousand guilty men should face the penalty or judgement. Walking free is no more a question! I have literally lost the interest of reading the paper because all i can see is murder, robbery , rape , suicides etc. I'm not saying the  accused in these things are allowed to walk free but i'm saying everyone should be equal to the law at least the law should not be corrupt! I'm talking about the Salman Khan- hit and run case and Ms. Jayalalitha's Disproportionate Assets case. Let's see a small detailing in these two cases.

1. Mr Salman Khan - Hit and Run Case :-

I'm a huge fan of Salman Khan just like many others in the country. This case was started in 2002 , 13 years back... 13 YEARS ! The case is as follows, Apparently in 2002 Mr Khan had received a few death threats from a few people and had asked the Mumbai Police for Protection as he is a Public figure, the Mumbai police had spaced out one man whose name is Ravindra Patil, a police constable who was his bodyguard , he demised in the year 2007 due to some "health issues", The case was lingering till his death and once he passed away the Mumbai sessions court had taken his statement into consideration and his statement is as follows "On September 28 , 2002  I was attached to the protection branch and was deputed as Salman Khan's bodyguard and was to remain with him" Patil said they went to J W Marriott , where he was maid to wait outside "They (Salman and Kamaal) came out at 2.15am. When the accused sat behind the wheel, I asked him whether he would be driving the car. He ignored me. The accused was driving the car at a speed of 90-100km/hour. Before reaching the Hill Road junction, I told the accused to slow down as a right turn was coming up. He ignored me again. The accused lost control of the car while taking a turn and drove right on to the footpath." Patil had told the court that the car crashed into American Express bakery and broke its shutter. “There was a lot of shouting and people had gathered around us. I showed my identity card and told the crowd I was a policeman, which pacified them. The accused and Kamaal ran away from the spot. I went to the car to check and saw that one person was seriously injured. There were four others who were stuck under the car.” He, Mr Patil, was the prime witness in the case but there are more witnesses in the case who did give the statement in the court like Mr Moloy Baug who was that night's bartender at Rain Bar who said that Mr Salman and his group of friends had ordered liquor, Mr Rizwan Rakhanngi said that he saw Salman holding a glass full of colorless liquid like water, Mr Ramashray Pandey owner of the dairy near the spot of the accident saw the actor get out of car's front side, Balashankar the chemical analyst who claimed Khan's blood tested positive for alcohol.Also, there are witness who spoke in favor of Mr Salman but i'm not talking about them as it was his childhood friends and brother, according to his brother Mr Alok , he had hugged him at 9.30 am and did not smell alcohol, i know people who drink and i know they can take out the smell in an hour. Is that even a justification ?? More to this if Mr Kamaal and Salman are not guilty then where is Kamaal ? He has been on the run since 2007, Why am i blaming the judicial system ? Cause this case took 13 bloody years to get a verdict of 5 year jail sentence but the suspension of Mr Khan's jail sentence in the case was fast and quick - 2 days! 13 years to get a verdict and 2 days to suspend the sentence??? Is it fair?? The social media went haywire listening to the verdict , his deluded fans were supporting his stand even his colleagues from bollywood were deluded , a few comments were disturbing. This suspension of the sentence will keep reverberating in the minds of the Common man that in our country the rich and the powerful can pull one or two strings and evade law in all methods possible, In this case the Judicial system failed as the guilty is dancing on the road with pretty actresses and getting paid for it and the innocent are dead and a few still recovering from the aftermath of the accident! We Indians have been discriminating in one way or other but that is why we had the law to take its course of action against the men/women who are guilty but the guilty are fleeing by paying extra bucks to the law and creating a huge hole in the Judicial system of the country!

Case 2 : Ms J Jayalalitha's disproportionate assets case :-

Ms Jayalalitha fondly known as AMMA in Tamil Nadu, is the chief of the AIADMK party which is the ruling party in Tamil Nadu, The 4 time Elected Chief Minister created waves at this tenure of hers, doing some back-patting job for the people of Tamil Nadu and deserves complete respect for it the past 4 years of her tenure has been nothing but wonderful but that doesn't mean we forget the dark past of Amma, during her first tenure of 91-96  was accused of misusing the office powers and having properties/assets worth 66.65 crores deposited in her proxy accounts this case took almost 2 decades to come into a verdict after a case filed by Mr Subramaniam Swamy dated ages back,
the case was pushed from Tamil Nadu to Karnataka. because they felt that it might lead to unwanted violence or gundaism Four prominent figures of the AIADMK party including Amma were convicted, others were her "best friend" Sasikala, Ilavarasi and Natrajan. The case took around 18 years to come to a verdict on 27th September 2014 , where all four convicts were put to 4 years of simple imprisonment also Amma had to pay a fine of 100 Crore rupees and her co-convicts were fined 10 crore rupees each this seemed fine as she would not be able to stand for the CM seat for the next 10 years spoiling all her political ambitions, following this she was sent to the prison which would give her a VVIP treatment. Until now I've only seen in movies and American TV show
 ( House of cards ) where people play such good politics and does a miracle to get out of bad situations and bad circumstances but this lady has made me believe in them, Convicted four 4 years, she was in prison for 3 months and then had a plea which got her bail for the next three months and next thing you know she has been let free from the case saying its a math error and she walks out free without paying even ONE Rupee along with her close aides and as i type she is swearing in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu , yet again for the 5th time! Unbelievable !! Though the Karnataka government says we'll look into it and get a  new case on her ,do you think she will come in front of the court for another 20 years ? Maybe even longer? as now she will up her political game! How did this even happen? I'm so curious to know what she  had done, who owed her favors , how many politicians , lawyers, judges , governments are behind this great escape! This gives me the chills when i think what she is capable of next! She is a courageous and a smart woman, no doubt! It's she who brought down the famous DMK , famous for the wrong reasons! This women is the only one capable of building Tamil Nadu or any state in fact! But buying the law and saying a mistake in the Math is such a lame excuse. I'm sure she could have come up with some better stuff like Salman Khan who said he has movies worth 200crores!( this made me fall of my chair) Amma, i did have immense respect to you but once again the powerful and the rich have proved that nothing can stop a person in this country if he/she has any of the two. This makes me , by me i'm speaking for the aam aadmi in the country, wonder is the Judicial system fool-proof ? Also, makes me think that the rich and the powerful feel that they can do anything and escape the law!! The Judicial system has to be up-right! All of us should be taken as one in front of the Judicial system. The discrimination of Rich and poor is very much alive even in here! Where are the Achhe din's that we were promised about ? Will Mr Modi start looking into the most critical matters in the country rather than going abroad every now and then ??


Friday, 17 April 2015

Save the Internet!

                                            Save the Internet !! 

I know its not a person or a plant or anything that has life from the outside, but it does have a life in the insideYes, Millions rather Billions of people literally live in internet, either work or social media, mostly social media. After the social media platform that opened up, people are just living their life on internet. Though many 
people have said it has more cons than pros it is still of major use, it has evolved from a luxury to a need. 
People have evolved and share things or talk about their opinions and stuff. Now, why am I saying “Save 
the Internet”? Yes, The TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ) have released a consultation paper with 20 Questions spread across 118 complicated pages which they have asked the public to send them an 
email by 24th April 2015. What is this Questions about ? And what is there to send an Email? So, the questions along with an explanation are as follows :- 

1. What is Net Neutrality ? 
Basically, Telecom Operators/ISPs are service providers that provide us , the public, to use or access the internet. I’m sure people know what is Internet and its uses, till now the telecom operators charge us for the internet but the Applications or other uses that the internet provides are free, But now the greedy service providers like Airtel, Vodafone etc are planning to charge for all the apps that are coming free to use. For example, now let’s say I’m a social media fanatic, A person who lives his life on FaceBook, WhatsApp, viber , youtube, snapchat , flipkart etc. I use internet cause these things are free and no one can restrict me, I’m using these by paying let’s say Rs100 for 1GB of internet for a certain speed, 2G/3G. Now , these telecom people want to charge for these above mentioned and also other Applications, you will be paying for the internet and also for these applications! So, you’ll be paying Rs 100/- for internet and Rs50 for WhatsApp , Rs 75 for YouTube, Rs 50 for Facebook etc , So in the place where you spend only Rs 100 for Internet and its services you’ll end up paying Rs 500/- This is ATROCITY ! When the company that is providing these services are not charging us then why should the service provider do so, when he is not providing these applications but just providing the platform( Internet ) which we are already paying for. To make it little more easier, A person earning in this country is paying tax once he is working and Independent, now the government is coming up with breathing tax, pay for the oxygen, Now that’s stupidity cause oxygen is for all and free for all.This is what their plan is now coming to the question, What is  “Net Neutrality”? It actually means, All the sites on the Internet must be equally accessible, The same data cost for access to each site, no telecom licensing and same access speed for all. Do we want that? Is up to you. (All the above mentioned costs are just for example) 

2.What is Airtel-Zero? 
Airtel, one of the leading telecom companies in India which has the highest number of people using their services have come up with an Atrocious idea called Airtel-zero. That is basically, creating free internet by allowing Internet companies to buy data. Why is this atrocious ? Cause they are Splitting internet into two types, One is Free Internet and the other is paid Internet. So, Internet companies that buy this data and the public can use those specific few sites free. But any other sites, other than those who are rich enough to buy the data is all paid thereby restricting few sites which will be available if we are willing to pay for it. For example, if WhatsApp and FaceBook are in the Airtel-zero Program then they are free and can be used without any issues but what if you want to use Skype or Twitter and they do not fall into the Airtel-zero, the answer is simple, pay for it!! Indirectly monitoring the usage of sites and restricting us to a certain few ones, common who would want to pay for a few sites and not pay for few, This is becoming like these DTH services! Total Bullshit! Internet is a place which provides us Knowledge, ( Not those IIN Advertisements , they are just plain Dumb! ) gives us economic and social progress, access to jobs , connecting people around the globe etc. We cannot allow this to be taken away from us, for some greedy telecom companies who wants their profits to hit the space as they have already hit the sky! 

3. How to Save the Internet? 
This is the most important and vital thing in this whole blog of mine! How to save the internet, now you can either sign an online petition that is going on or if you want the best out of this and really want the internet accessible for everything, then please log onto there will be a tab that says “Respond to TRAI now” click on that, the Answers for the 20 questions is already been typed, if you want to edit you can go ahead and do the same, and send the Email to Just for clarification,I’m not being paid for this marketing thing i have done, i’m just another internet user like you who is concerned! Last day is 24/04/2015! , 7 more days!! Stop wasting time and send the mail! We need internet and it should be accessible for all!
Let us raise our voices, be as one, act as one!